Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer House Cafe, 2605 Washington, Erie, PA

I found a reason to get off the Interstate in Erie (other than that Jessica lives there).

If Erie has a bright central spot, it's located at the corner of Washington and W.26th Street.

The Summer House Cafe serves breakfast and lunch every day, and dinner on weekends.  In marked contrast to far too many restaurants, the food arrives at your table hot and not unreasonably delayed.  You won't mind the prices, either, and the menu is varied enough that even I found several dishes to enjoy (and you know how hard-to-please I am...).  Along with the traditional a-whole-week's-cholesterol-in-a-single-meal fare, there are several dishes that are not merely healthy, but tasty as well.  Order the hot chocolate.  I won't say it arrives in a 55-gallon drum, but it's close;  you'll be impressed.

Chef Jack Eaker tweaks the recipes every so often trying to improve individual dishes.  He's already got a winning formula.  If he makes it much better, Perkins' can pack their bags.

We (almost literally) stumbled across this place on Monday in time for breakfast, then went back Thursday for lunch, and Friday for breakfast again.  It's that good.

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