Friday, July 29, 2016

Could we have an upset in the making?

I'm increasingly repulsed by the idea that either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton might be the next President.  Is it even possible for the American people to be so stupid?  Alas, I fear it may be so.

The only bright spots amidst all the doom-and-gloom are the occasional reports from here or there that Republican defectors who vow #NeverTrump and Democratic defectors who would have voted for Sanders but not Clinton are all looking for a place to roost.  If many of them find Johnson/Weld, we could have an upset on our hands.  No, I'm not counting on it, but I can hope, can't I?

Indeed, the team of fiscally-tight ex-Republican governors (Johnson ran NM, Weld MA) are also social liberals and outlaws.  Both cut taxes and spending while in office and trimmed the size of their respective state governments.  Johnson proudly admits to having smoked MJ, not just in the past, but currently, and thinks the current drug laws need to be repealed.  There's a lot to like about both, and there's a lot to like by Berners as well as awakening Republicans.  For those who are anti-war, Johnson/Weld are the only reliably non-interventionist candidates in the race but they're not yet 'qualified for the debates' because most pollsters don't list them by name, just 'other'.

If they can be slid into the debates (if any) between Clinton and Trump, they will truly be 'the adults in the room', because both Clinton and Trump are supporting policies and platforms that are nothing more than 'more of the same, but bigger'.  You can count on U.S. involvement in the Middle East growing dramatically if either Clinton or Trump wins the White House.  Each of them has already promised to take us back to war.

It would change the face of American politics permanently should either Hillary or The Donald have to defend their stances against reasoned libertarian critique.  The American people keep indicating they want something new, but they seem unwilling to do anything to get it.  That's the big shame.

Friday, July 15, 2016

More 'community outreach' from 'The Religion of Peace'

I'm sure there are people who honestly believe there is a difference between 'radical Islam' and 'mainstream Islam'.  There are others who are convinced there is no difference.  The mass-murder-by-truck in Nice, France yesterday brings those two camps closer together, and the movement, I assure you, is toward 'no difference'.  Incident after bloody incident, the world is coming to realize that Islam and Western Civilization are incompatible.  One of them has to lose to the other.  It is becoming less and less possible to sustain the belief that Islam can peacefully coexist in the West.

France seems to be a particular target for reasons which are not at all clear.  Perhaps it is merely that, in their zeal to be seen as a cultural leader, they have allowed Islam to more deeply infiltrate their country.  Perhaps it is because France has a tradition of being a 'Catholic country' and toppling the polity that drove the Crusades in the 12th century is seen by Islam as the jewel in the crown for the 21st century.

Poor France!  Their citizens are disarmed prey against a wave of refugees whose primary goal, it seems to outside observers, is to destroy that beautiful country and its peaceful people.  What a tragedy it will be for Western civilization when the Islamic barbarians finally dynamite those blasphemous buildings: Notre Dame de Paris, Sacre Coeur, and the cathedrals at Chartres and Rheims.  Hopefully, all the portable art work will already have been transported to safety by the time the Louvre becomes a mosque.  We know that it will happen should Islam gain a majority.  We've seen it happen elsewhere.

If the Islamic tide is to be turned, it must be turned soon.  France does not have a First Amendment, as do we.  They can declare Islam an ideology that threatens the stability of the nation and eject its practitioners back to where they came from.  For the United States, the problem is different:  for as long as Islam is considered 'a religion', they are protected by a constitutional prohibition against government action.  Therein lies the key.

We must develop a consensus that Islam is not, in fact, 'a religion' in the sense that word is used in the Constitution.  It is, in fact, an ideology bent on the conquest and destruction of competing cultures.  When Islam is seen as 'just another ideology' it will be constitutionally possible to deny entry to those who subscribe to it, as we did with anarchists and communists in decades past.  To fail to protect our Western culture is to surrender it to the barbarian hordes of Mohammed.

Choose now:  Freedom or Islamification.  There is no middle path.