Saturday, July 19, 2014

Amsterdam, 17 July

Finally!  Decent internet access!  I can finally post my first images of Amsterdam!

Got here on Thursday morning, July 17, exhausted from a long trans-Atlantic flight but determined to tough-through the inevitable jet-lag.  Did some small touring around the city.  Settled for a canal boat ride and barely made it without falling asleep.

Amsterdam is a very pretty little town ringed by three arcs of canals alongside of which are houses -- some dating from the 17th century -- all in a distinctive architecture everyone will recognize as 'Amsterdam'.

On the tour, we saw something that automatically rearranged all our existing plans:  The Dutch East India Company Maritime Museum.

It has a replica of an East Indiaman the original of which wrecked off the coast of England, about which more later.  It's late and I've had lots of wine accompanying a great dinner aboard the Viking Var, so check in again tomorrow for more.

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